“Working with Atelier Desjardins was a pleasure. On a large project, which involved the restoration of floors, staircases and doors in an old house, the entire team was extremely professional and very accommodating. The level of personal direction and involvement by Nida and Maxime was very assuring and the overall result was of the highest quality. We were particularly impressed with the craftsmanship, minimum of disruption, attention to detail and meeting of deadlines.”

Chris Le Roux – Auckland Park


“Over a ten-year period, Atelier Desjardins has consistently shown that they are highly skilled and professional craftsmen.  We have built up an exceptional rapport based on trust, knowledge and real customer care. I have greatly appreciated the fact that Nida and Maxime have gone beyond their primary task of maintaining our timber infrastructure and have on number of occasions offered valuable advice that has enhanced and protected our property.”

Michelle Orwin – Nortchcliff


“Nedbank chose Atelier Desjardins as a service provider because of their proven ability to produce top-class results. Since their first project to restore the bank’s executive meeting rooms, they have never failed to meet our expectations. The quality of their workmanship is outstanding and they have always delivered on time. Maxime has in-depth expertise and is very precise, while Nida’s organisational ability and dedication to service is exceptional.”

Dalene Bezuidenhout – Nedbank


“Working with Nida and Maxime has been a fantastic experience. It is refreshing and rare to work with such a professional, punctual and skilled company. Atelier Desjardins did an excellent job of restoring our floors and as a result they were placed on FNB’s panel of service providers. Subsequently, they have provided a superior service to many of our clients.”

Debbie Barret – FNB Insurance Brokers


“I am happy to say that Nida and Maxime have faithfully restored the woodwork in my historical Herbert Baker home with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism. Furthermore, the Atelier Desjardin team is very reliable, sticking to deadlines and taking great care to leave a clean site on completion. I can highly recommend this exceptional company.”

Rikki Schumacher – Westcliff



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