About Us

Atelier Desjardins is equipped to handle all sizes and categories of woodwork-related projects and we have considerable experience in the following fields:

  • National Monuments
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Corporate Premises
  • Residential Homes


Atelier Desjardins has the expertise to undertake a broad spectrum of woodworking projects, including: 

  • Restoration of existing woodwork, such as doors, windows, floors and staircases
  • Preservation and ongoing maintenance of all timber-rich environments
  • Creation of custom-designed products through a specialist joinery section
  • Renovation of wooden furniture


Atelier Desjardins goes beyond a normal woodworking operation, offering a value-added service that includes:

  • Intensive consultation that extends beyond the product or immediate project
  • Technical research and application of woodworking science
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Cost-effective and durable solutions

The full commitment of a passionate and dedicated team of skilled craftsmen.


Preserve • Restore • Create

Ghandi House
Constitution Hill
Xuma House Museum
Dolobran House
Heritage Homes


P.O.Box 4478
Northcliff, 2115
South Africa

Contact Person: Nida
Cel: 082 888 0801
Tel: +27 11 478 0037

Email: atelier@tiscali.co.za

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