Atelier Desjardins has since 1990 provided a specialist woodworking service based on a combination of quality craftsmanship and traditional business values.

Atelier Desjardins is a family business run by Maxime and Nida Desjardins, who  are both closely involved in every stage of a project, ensuring that their lifetime passion for wood is translated into a result that consistently meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Utilising decades of technical expertise gained in the finest European traditions of woodworking and joinery, as well as an in-depth knowledge of local conditions, Maxime Desjardins has built a reputation for delivering world-class results.

Atelier Desjardins has an exemplary track record in the restoration and creation of wooden features, fixtures, fittings and furniture in National Monuments, Heritage Buildings, corporate premises and residential homes.



Ghandi House
Constitution Hill
Xuma House Museum
Dolobran House
Heritage Homes


P.O.Box 4478
Northcliff, 2115
South Africa

Contact Person: Nida
Cel: 082 888 0801
Tel: +27 11 478 0037

Email: atelier@tiscali.co.za

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